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Incorporated in year 1987, Kedia Shares & Stocks Brokers Ltd. is a financial services company covering the entire gamut of capital market services like Wealth Management, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Broking, Margin Trade Funding (MTF), Mutual Funds, SLBM.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Service is a tailor made professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes.


Depository services are provided by financial entity to hold and assists securities such as stocks and bonds in electronic form instead of physical form


SLBM is a system where a trader borrows equity shares that they do not already own or lends shares that they own or lends shares that they own but with no intention to sell them.

Currency Derivatives

Kedia Shares currency derivatives service offers forex trading through mutiple trading channels

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Backed by a thorough research and comprehensive analysis, our ‘Equities’ division lets you trade across equities and exchanges.


With derivatives, investors can enjoy the liquidity and flexibility of equity markets while safeguard their investments against the future risk.

Mutual Funds

Our reliable network of affiliates backed by our proprietary research and- advisory driven recommendations help mutual funds investors grow their wealth.

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