Mutual Funds

In recent years, Mutual Funds have emerged as smart and viable alternative to stock markets. A professionally and skillfully managed investment option with flexibility to invest in equities, debt, government bonds, industry sectors and segments of your choice.
Our reliable network of affiliates backed by our proprietary research and- advisory driven recommendations help mutual funds investors grow their wealth while keeping a tab on their goal attainment.
So, if you’re looking at saving tax, growing your wealth with minimal risk OR looking at long-term investments, our mutual fund affiliates help you accomplish all, with ease.

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds with Kedia Shares

  • Professional management

    Not having to pick stocks and handle portfolios is a key benefit of investing in mutual funds. Instead, utilizing diligent analysis and skillful trading, a competent investment manager takes care of all of this. Investors buy funds because they either don't have the time or experience to run their own investments or because they don't have access to the same sort of data a skilled fund provides.

  • Diversification

    One of the benefits of investing in mutual funds is diversification or the combination of investments and assets within a portfolio to minimize risk. Experts recommend diversification as a way to increase the returns of a portfolio while reducing its risk.

  • Risk reduction

    Mutual funds are subject to sector legislation that provides investors with transparency and fairness.

  • Economies of Scale

    investing in mutual fund provides economies of scale as well. The purchasing of one protects the investor from the multiple commission fees required to build a diversified portfolio.

  • Varities

    Investors have the freedom to research and select from managers with a variety of styles and management goals. For instance, a fund manager may focus on value investing, growth investing, developed markets, emerging markets, income, or macroeconomic investing, among many other styles.


  • Get an in-depth analysis on ongoing IPOs to help you make the right investment decision
  • Invest in IPO with the help of an advisor or invest online without the hassles of lengthy application forms

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